Grand Millenial Style

Grand Millennial is a term you have most likely all heard within the last year. As the trend of grand millennial style rises, so does the awareness and change in product design. Not sure what Grand millennial style is? Let us help! Grand millennial style is a combination of traditional style and old school trends with a few modern touches sprinkled throughout. The grand millennial style is heavy on patten, upholstery, wall coverings, florals, ruffles, and, of course, Heirloom furniture! Many are left with the question on how to balance this without making the home feel cluttered. We have included some of the easiest ways to incorporate the Grand millennial trend into your next project.

1.  Wall Coverings 

Design by: Casual Elegance Designs | Uttermost Wall Décor shown: 04234

2. Antique Inspired Art 

Item Number: R45103

Item Number: R45107

Item Number: R45109

3. Heirloom Furniture 

Design By: Corey Damens Jenkins | Accessories Featured: R17616, R17617, R17619, R17620

Stop in the Dallas Showroom or give us a call to view more items that could fall into your next Grand Millenial design! All item numbers listed in this post are available to order. 

Design, Create, Elevate 

-The Buhmann Group